Laser Treatments for Birthmarks

Laser treatment may sound severe but is actually very sophisticated.  It involves using a customised light wave that is right for the specific colouration of the birthmark, a little like broadcasting sound at a particular frequency. 

Over the course of several treatments the laser breaks down the colouration so that the mark fades and blends in with the surrounding skin, without leaving any scars. While perfectly safe, laser treatment can be a little uncomfortable, though not intolerably so.  Wherever necessary, anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment to minimise any discomfort that may arise. There can be some minor side effects such as bruising, though these aren’t long-lasting.  It’s also generally best to avoid strong sunlight (or at least use high SPF sun cream) and steer clear of tanning beds in the months immediately after treatment.

Laser treatments - Aesthetox Glasgow
Laser Treatments for age spots - Aesthetox Glasgow

Laser Birthmark Removal Prices

Prices for Fibroblast, Laser Treamtments, No Needle Nano Pen and Innopen are available at consultation when the area/s to be treated can be assessed.

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